How was I to know - it's a crazy thing. Working with concrete would be a metaphor for life - messy, beautiful, imperfect and filled with surprises.

How was I to know - that it took a pandemic in 2020 for me to launch HIRMIE. From mask lanyard to handknitted scarfs and now concrete objects. Built from an idea. Created by my own very hand.

We have always been wired to strive for perfection in all that we do. We take all the necessary steps to prepare for what is next. In working with concrete; from mixing, coloring, pouring, drying and sanding - I seek perfection in the objects that I put out. Yet, small cracks, air bubbles, discoloration and other minor imperfections occur in the final product. Every piece is never the same. Every piece is unique. Every piece is imperfect. And yet beautiful.

How was I to know - that a simple concrete object would be a reminder that every one of us is different. Every one of us is unique. Everyone of us is beautiful despite our flaws or imperfection, if there is any.

Fill your space or gift someone a HIRMIE concrete object. I hope that perhaps it will remind you just like it did for me - there is beauty in imperfection - in self, in others and in life. Its not that crazy after all. Love, HIRMIE.

Hirman otherwise known as HIRMIE is a self taught multi-disciplinary maker based in Chicago. He currently lives with his partner David in the far north side of the city. Hirman is a Chicago licensee of a Japanese chocolate brand (ROYCE') with two store locations. Hirman holds a BSc in Hospitality from Roosevelt University in Chicago and a Master of Hospitality Management from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Hirman is originally from Singapore.